Site Overview

The purpose of this web site is to compare the effects of psychedelic drugs to the effects of what is called in the Tantric and Occult literature "awakening of the kundalini".

The comparison will be carried out in two ways. First, an abbreviated review of the literature on both psychedelic drugs and kundalini awakening will be presented. When these two literatures are placed side by side, it becomes much more apparent that there is a significant overlap between the effects of psychedelic drugs and the effects of awakened kundalini.

Second, I will present results from a survey I performed designed to compare the effects of psychedelic drugs and kundalini awakening. It is very instructive to read the responses given to the survey questions and recognize that descriptions of psychedelic drug experiences are, in many respects, indistinguishable from reports of kundalini awakening.

I invite any comments, questions and correspondence.

Don DeGracia, Ph.D.
April, 1997 and 2007